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There are an awful lot of pipes, drains and sewers hidden away from view inside homes and under the ground – so it’s worth bearing in mind that responsibility for their upkeep is in the hands of different organisations and people – including you!
Blocked drains can cause structural damage and damp penetration to your property and should be surveyed without delay. We carry out drain unblocking, drain repair and structural repairs. To most people a drainage system is ‘out of sight out of mind’ and the problems that leaking drains can cause is totally under estimated until a major problem occurs. A drain can leak water and over a period of time can de-stable the soil around the foundations of your property and cause major structural problems that can result in your property needing structural underpining. Leaking drains or blocked drains can also cause damp penetration inside your ground floor rooms causing further costly damage or decay. Your drainage system is the only means of extracting foul and waste water away from you property and if you suspect that there might be a problem you should call us immediately to investigate the problem.

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